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Know Thyself

Knowing yourself is the key to tapping into the potential we all feel tugging at us.

There is a set of rules, guidelines, practices and exercises that trigger happiness and success in each of us. But we’re all different enough that what we desire and how to access it is unique. You have the answers. You know them and it’s in you to achieve them. You just need help to tap into it. We all need help to tap into it.


In our coaching model resilience is defined as:

The ability to continually return to what is truly important to you, without being swayed by stress or circumstance.

Resilience requires these four components:



Knowing what is most important to you



Directing your actions towards meaningful goals



Getting support from trusted advisors, and taking small steps



Being grateful for all you have

How can I help?

Success and failure is in us all. It doesn’t define you. Instead, there are tools that make success possible. Whether you’re looking to help your employees thrive or you’re looking to grow yourself, Life Coach Carla has a plan for you.

Personal Growth & Development

Corporate Improvement



Ecommerce Styles

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getting started is the only way to push forward

You can’t improve your outlook by staying in the same place you’ve been. You have to get up and move forward. Our goal is to make that transition has inspiring and beneficial for you. So, we’ve create a number of ways to engage with you or your business.

Collaborative 1-on-1

It starts with a conversation. We then take a deeper look into what brings you joy, we work on a plan to take action, then set up steps to measure, track and adjust.

public speaking

Come to any one of our seminars and public speaking engagements to get a feel for how life-coaching can actually help you create steps for better engagement and success.


At Life Coach Carla, we offer training for companies to help improve the corporate culture from the outside. Enjoy one of our micro-sessions for some great tips and an inside look to how we can help your organization.

Improve work culture from the inside out

It all starts from real change. Not a change in policy.

They don’t teach happiness in school. Or in business. It’s just something you have or you don’t have. Right? Actually, these are traits we can all learn, exercise and perfect throughout our life. It can change the way you see yourself and the world around you. It can change the way you do business.

Happier employees means more successful, productive employees. Creating a better culture starts with the individuals, not a policy. We’ll create a program to help each of your employees achieve success through self-discovery, group discussions and 1-on-1 sessions.


how. we. work.


this week

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Real People

Changed Lives

  • There’s no shortage of self-proclaimed gurus soliciting advice. So who do you trust? Over the last two years I have worked alongside Carla—a certified life coach—on her hit radio show Vibrant Living. I’m truly encouraged by Carla; she walks her talk with integrity, compassion, and authenticity.

    Jeremiah J. Samborski
    Jeremiah J. Samborski Freelancer
  • I feel very fortunate to have had Carla McClellan as my Life Coach during a very difficult period in my personal and professional life. Carla began by helping me to get in touch with my values and sense of Self which had been very diminished by the loss of my daughter. I began my process by writing an I AM statement with four words that described me. I am an authentic, compassionate, empowered, prosperous women, I wrote on a card that I read many times every day. And every time I would find myself acting from a False sense of Self, I would pull out my card and remember who I really am. It didn't take long to stay in touch with my True Self. And once that happened, Carla helped me, not only to find balance in my life and in my work as a minister, but to find a level of enjoyment in both

    Dr. Julie Johnson
    Dr. Julie Johnson Minister of Unity Hilton Head
  • I have been working with Carla for three years. I leave every session with clarity about myself and my life path that I did not have when I walked through the door. I feel I have new glasses for the way I see life and approach new (and old) issues. She is like having a best friend with the education and skills to give you counsel that actually affect the way you feel as a whole person - inside and out. I can say without reservation that Carla was one of the best decisions I have ever made

    Jennifer M
    Jennifer M Attorney at Law
  • Working on my own, I had reached an impasse on several important issues in my life; I had gone as far as I could with the tools available to me. Unwilling to become stuck in an old pattern of thinking, I reached out to Carla for some coaching support. The approach and method she shared allowed me to clarify what was most important to me and supported me in taking action toward that outcome/goal. I am now moving forward with the work that needs to be done with a new sense of clarity and focus.

    Judy Pilat
  • Carla was an inspiration and guide for me as I embarked on my quest to restore balance in my professional life. She gave me the courage to awaken dormant dreams and the tools to follow them. She helped me to clarify what it was I wanted to accomplish, to focus on my pursuits, how to deal with pushback, how to hone and simplify my approach to realizing my goals. I'm happy to say that I really did accomplish balance in my work and regained my passion for what it is and what am meant to do in my life. Thank you Carla. Working with you was a precious gift.

    Teri deSario
    Teri deSario Grammy award winning singer/song writer

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